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Terra Prima

A science fiction webcomic

A researcher, a collector of emotions, and a madman, are dragged into conspiracies and legends that span across the multiverse.

Claudia Luna is an idealist biomedical scientist who dreams of leaving a positive legacy in the world, but her aspirations are suddenly thwarted when the research of her life can't be replicated by anyone else and she is quickly regarded as a fraud; to make things worse, a shady corporation and a mysterious organization are now after her. Cornered and running out of options, Claudia does her best to find answers to her current situation, only to find out this will lead her to a path of lies and secrets, where finding the truth will question her own identity and beliefs.

For Desquicio, humans have never been more than the source where emotions come from, and he's made it the goal of his existence to save the very best of these emotions. However, after years of amassing a collection made of the purest and deepest emotions humans can conceive, Desquicio finds himself having a hard time discovering new emotions up to his standards. This all changes when the mercenary Roger is tasked with taking Desquicio to Terra Obscura, a world where humanity developed through a different history, and Desquicio happily embraces this new reality in hopes of finding new additions to his collection. But in this new reality, he quickly realizes how fragile human free will can be, how he underestimated the value of simple feelings, and how his actions can save humanity from losing its very essence.

He doesn't have a name or a purpose, only several lifetimes of memories and the capacity of unadvertedly spreading madness to those around him; but despite this terrifying power, the Madman only wants to have fun. This simple goal is suddenly interrupted when the multiverse's best-known terrorist organization Dark Sun takes him in. Not in a position to ask and not sane enough to understand what is going on, he can't realize how the fragmented memories in his head could bring an end to the conflict he is now part of. But a puzzle, no matter how many pieces it may have, can always be put back together.

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